Ford CG family shot

Ford CG family shot

Many companies look to Midcoast to find the best way to approach a complicated or involved creative concept. For an automaker such as Ford, potential photo shoot locations may be plentiful, while it is often difficult to procure multiple vehicles at one time to produce a family lineup.

To highlight their recent Holiday vehicle promotions, Ford and Team Detroit reached out to Midcoast to create a series of Family shots of vehicles, that would live on the homepage of

For the first location of the vehicles, Midcoast photographed a warehouse environment that complemented the agency’s desired look & feel for the final images. Capturing environment and lighting enabled our 3D artists to render a dynamic family lineup of cars, seen here.

The background environment was repurposed and multiple car lineups rendered, to allow for maximum reuse — helping the client and agency get the most out of their budgets.

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